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As well as offering all the above Utility Mapping solutions we are now able to offer specialist contracting services in the field of directional drilling and all methods of trenchless technology.

Directional drilling is a method by which pipes and cables can be installed underground, without the disruption caused by trenching, such that installation can be achieved under roads, railways, rivers, airport runways etc., without any disturbance to surface structures.

Directional drilling should be used alongside the Utility Survey services Discovery Surveys offer above, offering a complete package and ensuring our clients are complying with HSG47 legislations.

Discovery Surveys Limited are able to provide a complete turnkey package, whether at a rate per metre on line work or on a fixed price basis on Specialist crossings. In many circumstances, whilst open cut methods could be employed, the extent of the disruption and inconvenience which would be caused to the business community and the public at large is such that trenchless techniques provide the practical solution. Over recent years utility companies across the UK have committed to massive programs for the installation of new and replacement mains. During this period Horizontal Directional Drilling has developed from being a marginal player to the preferred method of installation.