In addition to the services already offered, Discovery Surveys Ltd is able to offer a more comprehensive radar survey using our multi-channel GSSI radars, considered by many to be the most efficient and reliable Ground Penetrating Radar available on the market. This involves the operator covering all areas of site in a grid pattern recording the data on site. This data is then analyzed in detail using specialist software to find the location of underground Tanks, Cellars, Tunnels, Foundations, Voids and many more anomalies. Consecutively enabling us to produce in-depth report and plan of the features and anomalies found. GPR can be used as a standalone technique to find buried services.

The benefits

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey is able to detect metallic and non-metallic utilities, the obvious benefit been able to locate polyethylene Gas and Water pipes that are not usually detectable using other methods. We can also locate expensive to repair fibre optic cables using this technology.

Discovery Surveys honest and open approach, means we will answer any question truthfully and advise you on the best route to take to get the survey information / results you require. We are not a company who claims GPR will locate all utilities all the time, in fact our GPR has equipment limitations like all other radars on the market. Wet and clay ground conditions will directly limit GPR penetration on any utility mapping project or anomaly survey and limit how much the radar finds but used in conjunction with our radio detection equipment you are getting the most comprehensive utility mapping survey service available.

At Discovery surveys we believe the elimination of conductive services using Electromagnetic techniques first, greatly increases the success rates and final results of the GPR survey.

It is a legal requirement to have an Ofcom license to use any GPR equipment, Discovery Surveys carries the relevant licenses to carry out all radar surveys legally.